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I studied Graphic Design at Kingston College of Art in the early eighties, then spent the following few years in London working as a book designer and illustrator. Moving to Surrey I spent the next twenty years illustrating children’s picture books and board books that have been published here and abroad.

More recently my work has also taken a new direction as a painter. I mainly work in acrylics on board, canvas or paper, different surfaces lending themselves to different moods and subjects.

Exploring on foot is my favourite way to find inspiration. A garden whether grand or overgrown, country lanes and footpaths where things grow undisturbed. Looking at the colours and shapes, twists and turns of a plant make me want to pick up my paintbrush.

My landscapes are an amalgamation of the bleak, desolate and lonely places that attract me. I try to capture an air of mystery and strangeness, like a story half told.

I paint from life, the many photographs I take whilst out walking, my memory and imagination.

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